The Centre for International Law Research and Policy (CILRAP) seeks to contribute to academic activities in international law and to practitioners and policy makers in international law. It is a knowledge platform that includes and tries to bridge scholarship, publication, training and other forms of knowledge-transfer, and the development of knowledge tools. Its knowledge-generation should be informed of, and where meaningful contribute to, practical needs.   

The Centre has two main departments -- the Forum for International Criminal and Humanitarian Law (FICHL) and the Case Matrix Network (CMN) -- as well as the Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher (TOAEP). Each department has a broad range of activities and the publisher four publications series (the Publication Series, the Policy Brief Series, the Occasional Paper Series and the Law of the Future Series).

The FICHL conducts expert seminars and meetings on carefully selected topics in international criminal law, international humanitarian law, transitional justice and international law more widely. The seminars take place in different locations around the world, also in materially less resourceful countries. The FICHL promotes communitarian scholarship around the ideas and concepts it opens up for research and discussion.

The CMN is a knowledge-transfer and capacity development platform in international criminal law. It seeks to empower those working on core international crimes cases, or on the documentation of serious human rights violations that may amount to core international crimes, by providing access to legal information, legal expertise and through a number of tools in the CMN Knowledge Hub. The CMN is active in more than 30 countries.

Contributing to the opening of access to legal information is a main objective of the Centre. It does so through the activities of the FICHL, the CMN and the EPublisher, by using the Internet and other information technology. Some of the leading legal informatics experts in the world are working with the Centre. For this reason, the Centre has its own Legal Informatics Section.

The Centre is incorporated as an international non-profit organization in Brussels, Belgium, by Royal Decree WL 22/15.887 dated 15 June 2010, with the incorporation number 0827.424.153. The responsible Director of the Centre is Morten Bergsmo. Its members include distinguished academics, professionals and students around the world as indicated on the web pages of its departments and the EPublisher. The Centre has entered into co-operation agreements with Peking University Law School (Beijing), Fudan University Law School (Shanghai), and O.P. Jindal Global University (Delhi). It has a Berlin Office, an Office at Peking University Law School, and an administrative office in Brussels.



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